Call for Art

Mirrored Perspectives: The Art of Reflection

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UNDERSTORY announces a call for art on the theme of reflection. Artists working in all mediums are invited to submit work. Selected artworks will be featured in an exhibition at UNDERSTORY in Cleveland, Ohio, from May 15 to June 29, 2024.

Reflection serves as a powerful metaphor, inviting us to contemplate our relationships with ourselves, others, and the world. Through this exhibition, we aim to offer artists a chance to experiment creatively with reflection and spark conversations about reflection, encouraging viewers to think deeply and share their insights.

Artists are encouraged to interpret “reflection”

We are especially interested in work that dialogues with reflection as a material, concept, interaction, temporal, or spatial experience. However, you are invited to interpret the theme of reflection in any way you wish.

Material Reflection: How do the use of reflective materials, such as mirrors or metallic surfaces, transform the viewer's perception of space and form? What experimental techniques create reflections that challenge traditional notions of representation?

Conceptual Reflection: How do experimental approaches to art-making explore abstract ideas and philosophical inquiries related to reflection? In what ways does art serve as a tool for introspection and self-exploration, inviting viewers to engage with complex concepts through experimental means?

Interactive Reflection: How do artworks encourage active participation and engagement, inviting viewers to become collaborators in the process of reflection? What experimental technologies or methodologies create immersive experiences that blur the boundaries between art and audience?

Temporal Reflection: How do temporal elements, such as movement, sound, or decay, be incorporated into experimental artworks to evoke ephemeral reflections on the passage of time? What experimental approaches capture transient moments of introspection and contemplation that unfold over time?

Spatial Reflection: How can experimental installations transform the viewer's relationship with their surroundings, inviting them to reconsider familiar spaces through the lens of reflection? What techniques create immersive environments that explore the interplay between form, space, and perception?

Submission Guidelines

  • You may submit up to three pieces of original artwork.
  • Work must have been created in the past two years.
  • Each submission must include a title, image(s), dimensions, medium, price (or NFS), and how your work relates to the theme.
  • Artworks may be any medium including sculpture, painting, installation, mixed and expanded media.
  • Artworks are not required to be for sale. (If work is for sale, UNDERSTORY's commission rate is 25%.)
  • Open to artists age 18+.
  • Artists must reside within a 150-mile radius of Cleveland.
  • Not all works will be accepted into the exhibition.
  • Priority given to early career artists of any age.
  • No submission fee. (And no hidden fees.)


  • Deadline for Submissions: April 21, 2024 @ 11:59 pm Eastern
  • Notification of Acceptance: April 29, 2024
  • Work drop-off: May 3-8, 2024
  • Exhibition Dates: May 15-June 29, 2024
  • Work pick-up: June 30, July 1, July 7 or by appointment
  • Opening Reception: May 15, 2024
  • Third Friday Art Walks @ 78th Street Studios: May 17 and June 21, 2024

Questions? Send any questions to

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