/in the mirror/

My main inspiration for this piece is the song “In the mirror” by Yaeiji. I was in the studio listening to this song on repeat when I rediscovered my old prints from college. I was never really drawn to the procedural aspect of printmaking, so those prints just sat around untouched. I did a drypoint and aquatint etching of a non descript portrait (top portrait) and used the same plate to create a relief print (bottom portrait). Holding these two prints and hearing the song build up and Yaeiji bursting into the chorus “Why doesn’t it feel the same when I’m in the air/ when I look in the mirror when I’m not a pair”. I knew that these two prints were inseparable. Alone, these prints were merely a study. Together they became something more. My past and my resentment was being reflected in this piece that promised purpose and a way to move forward in my artistic practice.

Celeste Stauber
/in the mirror/
handmade paper, posca paint pen on translucent abaca paper, drypoint etching and aquatint

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