maundy, baby

“maundy, baby” is an installation/meditation on the ancient custom of feet washing. The title references Maundy Thursday, the Thursday during the Christian Holy Week where the ritual of feet-washing is traditionally practiced by Christians and clergy. the piece is accompanied by an abbreviated recording of a pedicure the artist recently received at a nail salon. “maundy, baby” explores the reflective qualities of a variety of materials; a shattered mirror submerged in a pedicure tub is lit by a flashlight hanging from the ceiling and light from both shards and water is cast onto the wall where the receipt from the pedicure is mounted. sound, light, and motion are not static experiences; the artist encourages viewers to consider their dynamicism and the extent of the dimensions (internal! external! interpersonal! temporal!) that can be engaged with contemplatively in the present moment. the artist also intends to prompt personal reflection on our own spiritual and consumeristic practices, inherited and created. what does it mean to mix care with capitalism? which caregivers do we sanctify and why? who and what do we consider holy?

Emmy Brett
maundy, baby