The Star

This is a still-life inspired by the work of the wonderful Audrey Flack, but compiled with items that reflect different aspects of myself- both literally and figuritively. Though inspired by Flack's work itself, I found myself even more inspired by her trail-blazing impact on the art world, specifically for women. Every item in this painting was chosen for a specific purpose; they all reflect the women who made me. From my mothers favorite perfume and nail polish color, my grandma's mirror and afgan she knitted by hand, my Grandma Eilane's fan and glass vases, my great grandma's jewelry and books, and lastly, my signature perfume and favorite houseplant. The tarot card is one that I pulled from my favorite deck at the start of this painting and seemed fitting- 'The Star,' signifying having trust in the universe, yourself, and the essence of who you are. All of the women portrayed in this painting are a part of me, and anytime I look in the mirror, I see them looking back at me.

Kat Mikuluk
The Star
Oil on canvas

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