Black Don't Crack

Queen KnowHer
Black Don't Crack
Clay, acrylic, glass, paper, on cardboard

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The phrase "Black Don't Crack" is often seen as a compliment applied toward Black People who are aging gracefully. This phrase gives credit to that person as "looking good", even through the phases of survival and strife we face as Black People in America. Internally, many of us are cracking and falling apart as we try to assimilate into a culture that never wanted us to be apart of it. We have to edit and adjust ourselves for others to feel comfortable, all while subjecting ourselves to a social equality that isn't equal at all.

This piece is emulates reflection through multiple social dynamics; the mental/physical/emotional reflection of self, the reflection of self through societies eyes, and the reflection of how White colonialism has shaped the narrative of Black Americans. Everyone must reflect on what it means to be Black and not crack under the weight of oppression.